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Sea and land traffic


Application scenario: Motor home, ship, motor vehicle, train, medical ambulance, subway, traffic signal light, etc

Ancillary equipment: solar panel, Solar Controller, storage battery, off-grid inverter, solar bracket / Wire, etc

Plan introduction: Mobile Housing Vehicle, ship and other transportation is out of electricity? The installation of solar power systems is a necessary option to solve the problem: solar panels absorb sunlight, charge storage batteries, and then convert them into daily alternating current via inverters The off-grid power system of Xindun can  provides you with power to travel far!

Program features:

1) the structure is simple, easy to install and transport, the solar power supply system is stable and reliable, satisfies the electricity problem at any time and everywhere, especially in the traffic field

2) no radiation, no pollution, zero emissions, no noise, clean energy, safe operation, low carbon fashion, green travel;